Tuesday, April 20, 2010

refleksi diri pk1

Hai,, you all.. i want to tell tou about my replection on PK1.. Firstly,, I get a mark yhat are very weak... I feel very sad when I know that my result.. When first time,, I learn ICT,, I am very blurr and confused.. I don't what I've learn until My migrane come back hurts me.. To me its so hard to learn ICT.. So,, I meet ICT teacher to get some advice.. At lease,, I know What I want to do it.. Thanks to Pn. Zalina bt Sapie because of her,, my problem was solve.. So,, I promise To do better than this.. I hope you all support my hope..

Sunday, February 21, 2010

ict question

1. Write a short essay "Why I choose ICT subject rather than PA or Biology"
I choose ICT subject rather than PA or Biology because I think I am very enjoy with this subject. Its a fun subject because I can expand my knowledge with something new experience. Its easier to learn because I just search information with internet and knows everything about ICT. Its also make my brain to remember all the information so that I can remember all of that.
2. Intelletual Property Laws cover ideas, invertions, literary creations, unique names, business models, industrial processes, computer program codes and many more.
(a) Define 'computer theft' and give an example of an activity that reflects computer theft.
Computer theft is defined as the unauthorized used of another person's property. Example of computer theft are:
1. transfer of payment to the wrong account.
2. get online material with no cost.
3. tap (memasuki) into the data transmission lines.
(b) Hacking is a source of threat to security in computer. Define 'hacking' and give an example of hacking activity.
Hacking is a source of threat to security in computer. It is defined as unauthorised access to the computer system by a hacker.Hackers are persons who learn about the computer system in detail. They write program referred to as hacks. Hackers may use a modem or cable to hack the targeted computers.